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The Heroics Equation


Often when it comes to weight loss, fitness and athletics, we humans want a simple equation that, when solved, will deliver us into the clutches of our goals. Though few things about our existence are usually this simple, I've got the equation you're looking for: Exercise + Victorious Spirit = HEROICS. This National Physical Fitness Month, as you take stock of your exercise routine, some things to consider:

  1. Having a Routine to Begin With – Even the smallest of fitness rituals, when performed consistently and methodically over time can reap big physical and mental rewards. The way your brain functions has a lot to do with why this is the case. Having a daily fitness routine stimulates the brain's neurotransmitters – serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters are largely responsible for elevating your mood. If you've heard the term "Runner's High," it's serotonin and dopamine hard at work. The benefits of creating a fitness routine can extend far beyond mood elevation. They can actually help to serve as confirmation that you can go the distance when it comes to achieving your goals. And that, my friends, doesn't begin and end with physical fitness.
  2. Finding your "Zone" – There is great mental clarity that comes with a rigorous exercise routine. Both during and after physical exertion, there is significant meditative, emotional and spiritual value which is often described as being "in the zone." What this really is? The Victorious Spirit that I talk so much about in The Win Within. This feeling of greatness is something we humans are naturally hardwired for. It is inside ALL OF US! But it must be unlocked and then recognized. Give it a try for a week and see how you feel. Did you experience that high of being "in the zone?" Did it spill over into the way you behaved for the rest of the day? Were you more efficient? Calmer? Better able to make important and sound decisions? I bet the answer will be a resounding YES!
  3. Working on your Mental Fitness – While physical activity is vitally important and can have a great impact on the strength of your brain, it is also important to recognize that your brain is a muscle which consistently needs a workout too. Another way to foster and support your Victorious Spirit is to engage in mental activities, especially those that stimulate things you're passionate about. Taking the time to challenge your brain as often as you challenge your body can be the key to greatness for many people. Listen to music, cook something new, and engage in deep conversations with those around you. These are all ways that you can stimulate your brain to create new neural pathways – making it bigger and stronger!

When we put together the strength of the spirit with the knowledge of how to keep our body and mind healthy through exercise, we can achieve greatness, we can inspire and we can become heroes.

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