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Discover, Integrate, Captivate & Galvanize Your Inner Win Within to Become VICTORIOUS.

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Dr. Bert R. Mandelbaum

World Renowned Surgeon. Passionate Author. Motivated Speaker. Devoted Family Man. VICTORIOUS.

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Our Mission

Inspire and educate people - in the sports arena, the boardroom and everywhere else - to discover, integrate, captivate and galvanize their inner Win Within to become VICTORIOUS.


We exist to be the organization that best understands and satisfies the motivational needs of athletes, coaches, administrators and executives. Through highly engaging spoken and written word, we will change the way people think about Winning – helping take an aspirational dream to victorious reality in record-breaking time.

Victorious Values

In teaching others how to draft their own MVP (Mission, Vision and Plan), we will demonstrate:

Wisdom - In all our endeavors we will apply the wisdom honed over decades spent in the medical field and sports world to deliver tools that are both inspirational and applicable in helping our clients Win.

Integrity - We will act with integrity and honesty - consistently matching what we say within our organization to how we behave and the messages we convey to clients and the outside world.

Nurturing - Operating with the understanding that our clients have sought us for counsel in matters that may be professionally significant and personally challenging, we will encourage them to cultivate the internal spirit required to achieve their personal version of Greatness. For we are all Victors. The Win is Within.