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Creating a Summer Full of Rich Experiences


As the summer months begin for most children and college students alike, I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to suggest you make THIS your summer to remember - one full of rich experiences with your children, your family, YOURSELF! I know it's a hefty suggestion, but making and keeping big commitments is the stuff of champions. That's you. A champion. A victor. You GOT this!

Do you know what happens to people who take the time to immerse themselves in rich experiences? They unlock the Victorious Spirit. It is an essential component to winning in life. In fact, you can't really achieve whatever ultimate success looks like for you if you don't unlock it. So it's really important. But that doesn't mean it's complicated. At least it doesn't have to be. And truthfully, you can find rich experiences anywhere – you just have to be open to them. Here are some suggestions to try:

Access Adventure -

Don't have the time or budget to go on an African Safari? Most of us don't. But you can still access adventure locally. Try a particularly challenging nature hike, camping (the real thing folks, in a tent, in the "woods" or whatever local natural habitat is available to you.) Set a goal for yourself or your family on this adventure. Perhaps it's to simply finish a complete trail during the hike, or to learn how to start a campfire using the elements that nature provides. Whatever that goal is - strive for it, really reach. And then dance like a lunatic in the moonlight when you achieve it. Just-out-of-reach goals do something magical for the human spirit. And you will discover when you reach one, they can be incredibly addicting.

Break Down Barriers -

As I prepare to serve as Chief Medical Officer for this year's Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles this July, it strikes me that one of the things I'm looking forward to most is the immense feeling of unity amongst the athletes, their families, coaches and the spectators at these games. This is a group of gladiators united in joy. Celebrators of ability - no matter what shape it takes or package it comes in. What liberation a feeling of unity can be. In fact, the breaking down of personal and cultural barriers opens you up to expansion and true happiness. If you've got some personal barriers that may be in your way, try tackling them this summer – learn how to surf, learn a different language, lean into discomfort and put yourself out there for someone or something you really believe in. There are some truly magical moments inside these efforts. But to experience them, we must work hard to transcend the preconceived notions and prejudices that stand in the way of the most meaningful encounters in our lives.

Step Away from the Everyday –

Stepping away from the everyday routine and hustle stretches the boundaries of your comfort zone and allows you to invite something very important into your life – possibility. Of course, with possibility comes uncertainty and we are often very uncomfortable with uncertainty. As a collective society, we've come to take great comfort in the status quo. But living a great life and really finding your Win Within lies on the outskirts of Status Quo Town. Beyond those borders we must use our instincts, courage, vision and strength to overcome challenges that seem insurmountable. But when we do it? Oh, the reward is so great and makes your life rich beyond measure. So this summer, immerse yourself in an activity that pulls you out of your everyday life and into something exciting and uncertain. Then come back here and tell me about it. How did you feel going into this incredible not-at-all-run-of-the-mill adventure? How did you feel coming out if it? Have you become an "experience junkie" because of it? And how can this feeling translate in your everyday life so that your Victorious Spirit isn't locked in a box when the rich experience ends?

Adventure awaits, my friends.

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