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Hoping for Miracles


Hope is a close cousin of optimism, a force of inspiration that—if we let it—courses through all our lives. From the hopeful fan crossing his fingers in the stands to the players sitting in the dugout on a full count with the bases loaded, hope is an element that can inspire and uplift unlike anything else. It gives strength, forges purpose, and motivates spirits. But where does it come from, and how can we call upon the secret stores of this mighty ambrosia? The answer is simple—passion.

Think about it. How could you be passionless and hope for something? Hope is born from passion, desire, and longing. It comes to life when someone wants something so much that he or she can do no more—hope is the final bastion.

Though hope may seem like a passive force, sometimes it can defy all reason and foresight by beating the odds. But that's because hope stems from the great mystery, from the wellspring of spirit and being that we draw from continually without ever even knowing how or why. Hope is born in the early dawn of a miracle, and hope wills every miracle into existence—indeed, no miracle ever happened without hope.

What hopes and passions drive you? Please share in the comments section!

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