Get Rich Quick: Seeking Out Challenging Experiences


An essential part of the journey to unlocking the victorious spirit is the ability to create rich experiences. What does that mean? I'm not talking about experiences that make you financially rich, of course. By rich experiences, I mean those times when you embrace an adventure or a challenge and come out on the other side a strengthened, more victorious person. I mean times when you work to break down cultural and personal barriers, allowing yourself to enjoy unity, expansion, and happiness. I mean times you step outside the daily concerns of your life and engage in activities that give your inner victor a chance to shine.

No matter what goals you have set out to achieve, making time for adventures and challenges along the way facilitates your progress and increases your momentum. These could be anything from skydiving or snowboarding, to visiting a far-off country, or taking a challenging class in a topic you know little about. Sometimes you may feel like your goals are just out of reach, so creating these kinds of rich experiences keep your head up and reminds you that your goals are always within reach.

If you've had a great "rich experience" recently, tell us about it in the comments!

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