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The Denver Post Quotes Dr. Mandelbaum: Courtland Sutton’s ACL rehab about small — and big — victories: “Get 1% better each day”

The mental and physical grind of rehabilitating an anterior cruciate ligament injury is about small victories. Full extension of the leg. Achieving time thresholds on the stationary bike and treadmill. Less and less post-workout soreness. Re-learning to trust your body.

“Get 1% better every day,” has been the mantra of Broncos receiver Courtland Sutton.

But Jan. 14 felt different. Under sunny skies, Sutton jogged for the first time. It was two sideline-to-sideline lengths measuring 100 yards, a fraction of the distance he will cover in a practice or game. But it felt like his Super Bowl.

In a process of minor wins, this was a significant.

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