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Reader's Digest Asks Dr. Mandelbaum What Is the Least Amount of Exercise You Need to Live Longer


Exercise benefits, such as lowering cholesterol or boosting your mood, aren’t anything you haven’t heard of before. But if you need even more workout motivation, know that just a few minutes of exercise a day could help you live a longer life.

A brighter mood is just one of the benefits both men and women can experience from extra exercise. According to Bert R. Mandelbaum, M.D, author of The Win Within: Capturing Your Victorious Spirit, however, women are outliving men by about four years—and the gap was previously wider. There are so many factors that impact life expectancy, so it is unclear if exercise makes a bigger difference in men versus women. Some evidence, according to Dr. Halpern, shows that low to moderate levels of exercise like walking help prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes more in women than men. Here are the common conditions that affect men and women differently.

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