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Dr. Mandelbaum Provides Fatherly 7 Knee Exercises For Dads Who Need To Build Leg Strength

Fatherhood does a number on your knees. You bend. You carry. You squat for everything from shoe-tying to eye-to-eye scolding. Raising a kid basically puts your knees through the paces of a professional athlete and, if you’re not careful, you’ll be riding the pine while your kid is shooting hoops.

Knee injuries are a common sight for Dr. Bert Mandelbaum. He’s an orthopedic surgeon, Director of the Sports Fellowship Program at Santa Monica Orthopedic And Sports Medicine Group — but best of all he’s been the team doc for 6 men’s Soccer World Cup squads. Here are the 7 exercises he uses to protect those leg hinges and ensure you’re able to still bend them after all the ups and downs of dadding.


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