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A Practical Person's Guide to Creating Rich Experiences


In my book, The Win Within, I discuss the notion that the victorious spirit in each of us is unlocked when we can engage in various life challenges and offerings that bring us a stronger sense of purpose. For some of us, rich experiences may take shape in adventurous travels abroad. For others, a rich experience might be mentoring young people. No matter the experience, the point is to embrace it and then come out on the other side strengthened and more victorious in anything else you might choose to take on.

Cultural and personal barriers can hold us back from becoming our best, most enlightened, and victorious selves. But transformational growth can happen when we can be brave in stepping outside the concerns of our everyday lives and engaging in activities that stretch us emotionally and physically. Can you offer to do something thoughtful for a neighbor you don't particularly like? Might you take a crack at a hobby or activity that interests you but you've been a bit shy to try?

Diving in on life experiences you aren't already familiar with can be an exhilarating endeavor. Sometimes, though, it can be profoundly hard and messy, just like the extraordinary journey of life. It has ups and downs, twists, and turns, but victory comes to those who stay in the game and challenge themselves to grow in ways they never thought possible. If you’re feeling like you simply want something “more” out of life but can’t put your finger on “what,” think about the things that bring you joy (or might if you tried them). Can you expand on those? Can you broaden the scope of how you approach them? There’s always something new to learn…

I'm a self-proclaimed "experience junkie," so what fuels my desire for professional and personal growth is creating rich experiences out of what might otherwise be very mundane aspects of daily living. Life becomes way more enjoyable when you begin to see the world through the lens of what it can teach you about something. If creating rich experiences out of the life you've been given feels daunting or not worth it, give it a try. Start small, but start today. A conversation with a store clerk you would've otherwise bypassed that day, stopping on the side of the road to catch a sunset and marvel at the world's beauty, or challenging yourself to a new perspective, nothing is worthless when it comes to squeezing all you can out of this one life you've been given.

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