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Dr. Mandelbaum for Thrive Global: Relentlessly Pursuing Your Dreams


Have you ever set a goal for yourself? Or had a dream you wanted to realize? If you are like most of us, you might have started out full speed ahead, but then slowly lost some of that drive and had trouble getting motivated again. The truth of the matter is that refocusing and starting over in your journey is possible. My goal is to empower every human to discover that the Win is always Within; that you hold all of the answers right inside of you. Once you learn to discover this Victorious Spirit, and integrate the “Win Within” principle into your life, you will have the confidence to bypass obstacles and move closer to your goals every day. With the right approach, pursuing those dreams is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1: Understand that you are hardwired to be successful. Inside each one of us lays the victorious drive for success; it is only a matter of believing and releasing that spirit.

Step 2: Develop a personal mission statement. This will define your beliefs, values, and your purpose as it relates to your end goal. Developing this mission statement is critical in turning your dreams into your reality.

Step 3: Create a plan to reach your goal. Map out the steps you will take and how you will arrive at the final destination. As you execute this plan, keep your focus on the elements of the Big 5 (below)- which will help drive you to capture your victorious spirit!

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