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Dr. Mandelbaum for Thrive Global: An Antidote to THIS Life - Limiting Allergy


When it comes to what the medical community knows about allergies today, we’ve made incredible progress in the last few decades – and society has jumped on board to help. From the news media adding a pollen index rating to weather reports for seasonal allergy sufferers, to many schools now instituting “nut-free” policies in an effort to help prevent youngsters with nut allergies from accidentally coming into contact with allergens that can cause life-threatening symptoms, we believe what the science tells us and we act out of the best interests of our fellow human, whether we suffer from their particular allergy or not.

However, I pose these question to you: What if the allergy I’m talking about has nothing directly to do with a clinical diagnosis, but can still put crushing limitations on a person’s life? What should we know about it? How can we prevent it – in ourselves and the people we care about?

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