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The Greatness in Gratitude - Pandemic Edition


Have you ever gone through a phase where you’re struck with an overwhelming sense of lack of motivation and you’re just not feeling like you can tackle the world, much less day-to-day living? Unfortunately, right now, too many of us feel this very same way and point to the pandemic, a divisive political environment, and the uncertainty of what tomorrow brings as primary culprits for our sense of despair. However, the good news is: it’s absolutely fixable. At the root of these uninspired feelings are all of our negative emotions fighting their way to the top and trying to suffocate our positive inner voice. These emotions eat away at our decision-making, productivity, and overall drive to succeed, leaving us dissatisfied with life, which only refuels the negative fire. So although we all might have dipped our toes into this negativity pond at some point in our lives, the important thing is to not stay there. We as humans have the ability to break out of a negative feedback cycle and actually rewire our brains to think and live positively.

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