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Dr. Mandelbaum for Thrive Global: The COVID Shuffle - One Step at a Time...


The correlation between the COVID-19 pandemic and dancing is seemingly a strange one to some. After all, this is not a dance partner we CHOSE. But it is the one we have right now and for the time being – one we must find a way to waltz with – as safely as possible. Yet after many months of countless people dancing as though, and sometimes because, their lives have depended on it – feet can become fatigued, bodies achy, and our minds weary. I want to encourage each of you that THIS is the very time we cannot let up – because so much GOOD is on the horizon, and we cannot afford to have pessimism cloud that bright light at the end of this long road on which we have travelled.

The standard way of living for everyone I know has been altered in some form since March of 2020. For some, it is significant – health in jeopardy, loved ones, and jobs lost, or relationships in peril. For others, that alteration may be less seemingly drastic – a different way of working, kids at home from school, or a reworked way of living otherwise everyday life. However, I do not know anyone who hasn’t sacrificed something. And that can feel heavy for a collective community. Perhaps you are feeling the weight and the hopelessness that might come with it. But I am here to tell you – you were born for this. Quite literally.

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