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The Four Finite Factors of Athleticism


In The Win Within: Capturing Your Victorious Spirit, I devote the entire first chapter of the book to setting the groundwork for how and why we humans are hardwired for victory. A legacy of athleticism in in our genes; inextricably woven into our DNA. And while modern times have diminished the need to “survive” in the most primitive senses of the word, that intrinsic athleticism is still within each of us. For some, it may be buried deep within the subconscious. But make no mistake – it’s there. If you want to unlock it or further enhance it, here are the key areas to focus on:

Brain – Multiple studies have shown that the brains of athletes are adept at multi-tasking. This doesn’t mean that they’re great at just doing a bunch of activities at once. It’s also suggestive that an athletic brain is a faster brain. Interested in increasing your brain’s processing speed? Toss on your workout gear and engage in some really good sweat-sessions at least a few times each week.

Emotion – We hear often of what can sometimes be interpreted as a disconnect between the head and the heart. ‘My brain understands, but my heart has other ideas.’ Though emotion is still rooted in how our brains function, it still plays an integral role in the choices we make – both good and bad. When it comes to honing your athleticism, your emotion and your cognition need to be in sync with one another. In essence, our feelings must be in alignment with our thoughts.

Power – Though it seems obvious that power is an integral feature of athleticism, it’s important to understand that the development of power depends so much on drive and passion. I’ve seen plenty of powerful athletes lose competitions to their seemingly less powerful opponents mostly because the drive and the passion didn’t carry them through to victory.

Endurance – In athletics and all things really, ‘going the distance’ is a critical measure of success. You’ve got to focus on the entire race, not just the finish line. Building up the stamina to move agilely through life’s obstacles is one important way to achieve The Win Within – no matter what life throws at you. When you’re starting anything new – a job, a relationship, a sport – focus on developing the endurance to maintain success in the situation – not solely on the “end goal.”

Today, success in our society is measured in the self-proclaimed win. The truth however is that it’s not really about the win itself, but about the Victory – a multi-level, comprehensive, all-inclusive mind and body experience. To be truly victorious, brains and brawn must prevail – together.

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