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Dig Deep: Finding Your Win Within


What we all have that truly brings us together as human is the victorious spirit that resides inside each and every one of us. You may not realize yet that you have it. Take it from me, I did not understand my victorious spirit for years. I went through life with ups and downs, not appreciating adversity as the engine of unimagined opportunities.

First, I was cut from the football team in high school. I thought I had failed my passion and would never be an athlete. Then I was rejected from medical school, another opportunity I could've sworn was meant to be. There were times that I saw myself as a failure, rejected by every medical school to which I applied.

But, luckily, I was surrounded by mentors and a team who helped me reclaim my idea of "self." I responded with a dedication to a new mission, vision, and plan. I found my victorious spirit and my win within. And when I tried again to get into medical school, I was admitted to every school to which I applied. I was right all along—I could do it. But this time, I was prepared and ready for it. I had discovered my victorious spirit in the process.

Be rich in your experiences. Be happy in your choices. Be fulfilled in your life. Dig deep to create your mission, vision, and plan. You are now ready to be your own MVP: Most Valuable Player. You are ready to be victorious and discover that the win is right there—within!

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