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Character Counts.


When everything in your life is going smoothly, it's easy to possess and maintain a strong sense of character. True character is not unveiled or pushed to its greatest potential under these calm circumstances. True character remains dormant in our innermost selves until we come face-to-face with adversity. We can refer to the traditional maxim: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Sometimes this is easier said than done. It might be more likely that you will take a sour bite before taking the initiative to make lemonade.

Everything you say and do matters to someone at some time, so always try to do the right thing. There's an old saying, that your character is revealed when no one else is looking. Clive Charles would preach, "Do the right thing 100 percent of the time." Strong character and a possession of core values are what enable you to be a team player. Fair play is the centerpiece of any team, program, or business model. Sometimes character can make or break your victorious spirit. Those who possess a foundation of core values and strong character often triumph in the face of adversity, while others who become intoxicated by fame or fortune can lost sight of the victorious spirit within and endure a tragic fall from grace.

There are no exceptions when it comes to character. Michael Josephson, president of the Josephson Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the ethical quality of society, understands just how much character counts. The Josephson Institute breaks character down into six individual pillars that are essential to building strong character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship [AU: cite or link]. These six ethical values are the very components of character. Character is just one element of the victorious spirit. Once you are able to build up your character, it will work with your values and standards to keep you on the right path to achieving your goals.

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