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The Olympian in You


Dare to Dream: this challenge encompasses the underlying spirit of every Olympic Games, from the lighting of the flame to its quenching. From the time of the ancient Greeks to that of Cathy Freeman and Muhammad Ali in the Atlanta Olympic Games of 1996, the traditions established at the game's inception have evolved. While the Greek origins may seem distant or dated in comparison to today's grandiose, commercial spectacle, the core values of the competition have remained untouched by the passage of time.

The Olympic spirit is measured not by the athlete's statistical accomplishment, but by their drive, their stamina, and their unwavering confrontation with adversity. Perseverance remains at the core of this spirit. The games are a time of the highest highs of relentless determination in the athletes' preparation and passion in their action. They merge the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements of human life, a crossroads of dreams and realities.

The game's ability to bring a group of people together and create a sense of community is what makes them so special and unique. No matter the political views of the countries involved, no matter the religion or race of the participants, nations proudly come together in a collective spirit for their athletes.

What's your favorite Olympic sport, and how do its participants showcase the Olympic spirit?

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