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From Injury to Victory


In the previous blog post, we saw that the victorious spirit is our evolutionary birthright, an inner strength inherent to our nature as human beings. But sometimes forces like age, accident, and misfortune can weaken our spirit and hold us back. Everyone has experienced loss and disappointment at some point in their life. Sometimes we fall short when reaching our goals, due to bad luck or an obstacle that was impossible to anticipate. These types of adversity are often the biggest barriers to achieving our goals.

Throughout my career, I've worked with athletes of all shapes and sizes. These individuals live in a world of high stakes, hard play, competition, and top performance. When seemingly invincible athletes get unlucky, sports doctors see them at their most vulnerable, and we also see how they come back from the blow.

The incredible, and perhaps counterintuitive, thing about the victorious spirit is that it can actually be fueled by adversity rather than crushed by it. Don't take the easy way out by making excuses and giving up. No one invites adversity into their lives, and while you can't always be as prepared for it as you would like to be, the victorious spirit enables you to turn this bad luck into an opportunity. Adversity is never the end, but rather a catalyst for you to push yourself further than you may have even thought possible. You simply need to unlock the victorious spirit.

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