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Let's Get Physical


A major premise of my book and of this blog is that the victorious spirit resides inside your mind and inner self, no matter your age or bodily abilities. But regardless of victory as a holistic concept, the physical remains a crucial aspect of unleashing the victorious spirit. Will you ever compete in the Olympics? It's unlikely. You can, however, be a victor on your own terms by discovering that vigorous, thrilling exercise and nutritious foods are like the elixirs of life. I'm a big advocate of the principle that you are what you eat, drink, think, and do. When we escape the sea of processed foods and sedentary entertainments around us and choose better options, we bring ourselves more in line with that fantastic athletic heritage in each of us. And we give ourselves a strong foundation for finding the win within.

When you engage in exuberant activity, you can expect physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual benefits every time—especially when you're doing it with fellow human beings. Just look at the Boston Marathon, the London Marathon, and other races, walks, and bike rides. Attend any such event and you'll see exactly how exercise and the victorious spirit intertwine. It's always the same: human beings performing, experiencing, exercising, and feeling great! Individuals unlocking their win within through activity—and those collective wins coming together in a collective victorious spirit that transcends all the negative forces that come against us. There are energy, smiles and laughter. The excitement is palpable among all the participants, each one a victor. It's a relentless and addictively rich experience.

And it's for everyone: no matter who you are, you put one foot in front of the other and keep going. It is a beautiful, reproducible, and contagious phenomenon!

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