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Success: It Comes In ALL Shapes and Sizes


Kacy Catanzaro, 24, the first female athlete to complete the "American Ninja Warrior" finals course in its more than six seasons running on NBC, is proof positive that the Win Within knows no physical boundaries. Weighing in at 100 pounds and standing at just five feet tall, she isn't what most would describe as the prototypical "ninja" or "warrior." But on July 14 th, the disciplined and determined gymnast proved her metal as both.

In feats of physical and mental skill that have easily defeated some incredibly strong and muscular men, she powered through the challenge, at times making more than one of the obstacles look deceivingly easy. Reaching the peak of the finals course and slamming her hands down on the finishing buzzer, she's become a headlined record breaker. Today, let Kacy also be your mentor.

You see, there are no external factors more powerful than your Win Within. It's evidenced in Kacy, who overcame her height adversity on one challenge by leaping across poles that were wider apart than she is tall, instead of swinging from them the way most other competitors do. She overcame roadblocks including new obstacles introduced just that day, ones she's never seen or trained for. She used her bodyweight and height as an advantage, not as a barrier to success. She found inspiration in the crowd's supportive roars and after each challenge of the competition you can see her relish the victory, and then quickly give her self a little pep talk before heading on to the next feat.

This kind of winning attitude, going where no one like you has gone before and succeeding in the face of adversity and challenge – it doesn't take an Olympic athlete or a rocket scientist. It takes a keen sense of self and a complete surrender to The Win Within. On the baseball field, in the boardroom or somewhere in between, that mental strength and hope-filled heart will get you where you want to go each and every time.

I'm rooting for Kacy as she takes on American Ninja Warrior's season finals in Las Vegas, Nevada next month. Already a record holder and inspiration to millions around the world, she doesn't have much to prove about The Win Within. But it sure will be fun watching her do it anyway.

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Together, we will continue to learn that the WIN is within!

~ Bert

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