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Magic Moments


As I see it, life is always a great journey—with many highs, regressions, and failures, but no destination. It's our task to find every opportunity for adventure and challenge along that grand journey.

I have lived my own life with the theme of creating rich experiences at every opportunity. It drives my present and my future. I am the ultimate experience junkie, if you will, professionally and personally. As a sports doctor and surgeon, I am always looking for new concepts, techniques, and technology; I am always in pursuit of learning and teaching. In medicine there is always a new challenge and always a way to improve. I'm also keen on adventure. For one, my career is punctuated every two years by working at an Olympics or a World Cup: new host city, new competitions, and new dramas. And my personal time is spent cycling, hiking, skiing, traveling, and diving, often in a new destination. There's always a new climb, a greater height, a deeper depth.

Inspiring experiences like these are imperative to living the life that you want, so consider making them a priority. Finding, refining, and developing your passion for them adds all the color and dimensions that make life fun and exciting. Rich experiences can make you happier than simply being rich. In order to achieve these kinds of magic moments, you first must work to transcend the preconceived notions and prejudices that might stand in the way of meaningful encounters. Allow yourself to take risks. Stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone and embrace possibility—and all the uncertainties that go along with it.

What challenging or uncomfortable situation can you put yourself in this week?

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